About Us PT. Binar Semangat Mardika

Message From Our Managing Director

Since our establishment in1994, we have been a locally family owned, and a small business, committed to being a service provider and general supplier of choice to owners, developers and clients throughout the region.
Our first and foremost commitment is to our local community. Through hard work and support of our employees, our small business expanded from a CV into PT, in 2007.
To farther strengthen our company with our products and supporting management, we invited PT. Nukote Indonesia to join us in the beginning of 2017. Now our scope of business has diversified to include provision of scaffolding, coating and waterproofing services. We are able to provide high temperature coating of up to 800°F using Dampney silicone paints from U.S.A and also high acid-resistant coating using ceramic-based paints from Korea. We also provide new products such as Bando Conveyor belt, Australian GMA garnet and rubber products for high abrasion protection.
Today we still operate from our original place which was recently rebuilt and include a new warehouse. We will continue to work with our local community to increase the social welfare of the society.
We choose “service and quality you can trust” as our motto. We are fully aware that trust is of the utmost importance. We continue to improve ourselves so that we can serve our clients better.
Thank you for considering PT. Binar Semangat Mardika as a business partner. We look forward to providing you with better products and services within a required time-frame and at reasonable price.

Company Overview


Company Structure

PT. Binar semangat mardika has been a specialist in sandblasting, coating services, scaffolding constructions services , as well as authorized agent of some special products for  Nusa tenggara barat.
Products and Services. All For Your Need.
  • Scaffolding construction
  • Sandblasting and painting / coating
  • Waterproofing polyurea
  • Cold insulation polyurethane foam
  • Bando conveyor belt
  • GMA Australian garnet
  • Georg fischer piping systems
  • IRC INOAC rubber liner & lining
For more information and service request, please contact our customer representative.