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Bando Conveyor belt

A conveyor system is a common piece of mechanical handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another. Conveyors are especially useful in applications involving the transportation of heavy or bulky materials.
Conveyor systems allow quick and efficient transportation for a wide variety of materials, which make them very popular in thematerial handling and packaging industries.
Many kinds of conveying systems are available and are used according to the various needs of different industries. There are chain conveyors (floor and overhead) as well. Chain conveyors consist of enclosed tracks, I-Beam, towline, power & free, and hand pushed trolleys.

GMA Garnet

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GMA Garnet™ abrasive is composed of natural Almandite garnet grains that are known for their natural hardness, durability and abrasive characteristics.  It is a cost-effective alternative to silica sand, mineral slags and steel grits and shot as the perfect symbiosis of grain size, density and hardness/durability creates the optimum abrasive efficiency – lowest abrasive consumption (kg/m2) at the highest production rates (m2/hr).

In addition, GMA Garnet™ is recyclable up to 5 – 10 times (depending on the application) due to its superior toughness and low friability. Being environmentally inert, GMA Garnet™ meets all Occupational Health and Safety requirements and achieves the highest quality of processing standards in respect of mineral purity and the stringent requirements of ISO 11126-10:2000 for chloride and free silica content. GMA Garnet™ is used as a blast cleaning abrasive in various industries around the world and is approved by major oil companies, shipyards and major paint manufacturers.
It is suitable for all areas of surface preparation especially stainless steel, anti-magnetic steel and all specialty alloys as it is free of metallic iron. Special fine grades of GMA Garnet™ abrasive are also available for aluminium, turbine blades, fibreglass and other unique surface preparation applications.

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gma garnet

+GF+ Piping System

GF Piping Systems is one of the three divisions within Georg Fischer Corporation and a leading provider of plastic and metal piping systems with global market presence. The product portfolio includes pipes, fittings, valves and the corresponding automation and jointing technology for industry, building technology as well as water and gas utilities. With its intelligent complete systems, trendsetting products and technologies, GF Piping Systems is setting global standards in quality and performance. In project planning and implementation, GF Piping Systems convinces by application orientation and by responding to individual customer needs.

For our industrial customers, the efficiency, quality and security of their processes are of decisive importance. We fulfill this requirement by providing reliable and durable piping systems for a variety of industrial applications: From transporting compressed air, gases, drinking and lab water and aggressive process liquids to chemicals dosing, bioreactors and complex cooling and heating systems - we offer the right solutions and products

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We are able to meet customers requirement completely from material and product development to planning and design. material, technology and research results gathered by our R&D department are intergrated together with the original core technoloies including composition technology, molding technology, Additionally as we impose strict standards on our selves regarding our quality guarantee and product evaluation, we have our customer trust in our products. to each our product development, we put safety as our keyword for all INOAC companies, comfort to improve our technology to support ultra advance functions, environmental friendliness as new approach for more comfortable houses, and affluence as a manufacturing company ini order to realize life